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Brown Sugar

Selling brown sugar at cheap prices

 There are many types of sugar on the Indonesian market, one of which is brown sugar. This type of sugar is produced in the form of half a ball or tube / cylinder. Brown sugar is made from liquid sap or legen which is then processed by heating. When it is still hot, the liquid brown sugar is put into a mold and allowed to cool to get a brown sugar product that is hard enough and does not break easily. This sugar has many variants depending on the type of base material used.

The benefits of brown sugar

 - Good for digestion

 - Maintaining Electrolyte Balance in the Body

 - Prevents anemia

 - Helps Maintain Heart Health

 - Helps Overcome Asthma

 - Energy Booster

 - Boosts Immunity

 - Relieve menstrual pain

The price of brown sugar varies depending on the size and ingredients. Brown sugar is widely used to mix food preparations in the food industry sector. Our brown sugar products are safe for consumption and can be used for cooking or other food preparations.

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